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Narutoget Plot: In a world of mystical and powerful enemies lurk in every nation, a legendary Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked the ninja village Konoha, killing many innocent people. In response of a desperate measure from the people, the leader of the village - the Fourth Hokage - sacrificed his life to defeat the demon fox. By sacrificing his own life, he sealed the demon fox into a very young boy named, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto has lost his parents during the attack. He grew up in the village and was mistreated badly by everyone in town. With his loud mouth and careless attitude, he is determined to become the greatest ninja, hokage, in his village. Along with friends, and hope, Naruto trains to become a better ninja than expected.

Episode 496 English Subbed
Steam and Food Pills
Episode 495 English Subbed
A Full-Powered Wedding Gift
Episode 494 English Subbed
Naruto's Wedding
Episode 493 English Subbed
Episode 492 English Subbed
Cloud of Suspicion
Episode 491 English Subbed
Episode 490 English Subbed
Dark Clouds
Episode 489 English Subbed
The State of Affairs
Episode 488 English Subbed
The Last One
Episode 487 English Subbed
The Ketsuryūgan
Episode 486 English Subbed
Episode 485 English Subbed
Episode 484 English Subbed
The Exploding Human
Episode 483 English Subbed
Jiraiya and Kakashi
Episode 482 English Subbed
Gaara and Shikamaru
Episode 481 English Subbed
Episode 480 English Subbed
Episode 479 English Subbed
Naruto Uzumaki!
Episode 478 English Subbed
The Unison Sign
Episode 477 English Subbed
Naruto and Sasuke
Episode 476 English Subbed
The Final Battle
Episode 475 English Subbed
The Final Valley
Episode 474 English Subbed
Episode 473 English Subbed
The Sharingan Revived
Episode 472 English Subbed
You Better...
Episode 471 English Subbed
The Two of Them...Always
Episode 470 English Subbed
Connecting Thoughts
Episode 469 English Subbed
A Special Mission
Episode 468 English Subbed
The Successor
Episode 467 English Subbed
Ashura's Decision
Episode 466 English Subbed
The Tumultuous Journey
Episode 465 English Subbed
Ashura and Indra
Episode 464 English Subbed
Ninja Creed
Episode 463 English Subbed
The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja
Episode 462 English Subbed
A Fabricated Past
Episode 461 English Subbed
Hagoromo and Hamura
Episode 460 English Subbed
Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
Episode 459 English Subbed
She of the Beginning
Episode 458 English Subbed
Episode 457 English Subbed
Episode 456 English Subbed
The Darkness of the Akatsuki
Episode 455 English Subbed
Moonlit Night
Episode 454 English Subbed
Shisui's Request
Episode 453 English Subbed
The Pain of Living
Episode 452 English Subbed
The Genius
Episode 451 English Subbed
Birth and Death
Episode 450 English Subbed
Episode 449 English Subbed
The Shinobi Unite
Episode 448 English Subbed
Episode 447 English Subbed
Another Moon
Episode 446 English Subbed
Episode 445 English Subbed
Episode 444 English Subbed
Rogue Ninja
Episode 443 English Subbed
The Difference in Power
Episode 442 English Subbed
The Mutual Path
Episode 441
Returning Home
Episode 440
The Caged Bird
Episode 439
The Child of Prophecy
Episode 438
The Rules or a Comrade
Episode 437
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ The Sealed Power
Episode 436
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ The Masked Man
Episode 435
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ Order of Priorities
Episode 434
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ Team Jiraiya
Episode 433
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ The Search Mission
Episode 432
Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls ~The Tale of Naruto the Hero~ The Loser Ninja
Episode 431
To See That Smile, Just One More Time
Episode 430
Killer Bee Rappuden Part 2
Episode 429
Killer Bee Rappuden Part 1
Episode 428
Where Tenten Belongs
Episode 427
The World of Dreams
Episode 426
The Infinite Tsukuyomi
Episode 425
The Infinite Dream
Episode 424
To Rise Up
Episode 423
Naruto's Rival
Episode 422
The Ones Who Will Inherit
Episode 421
The Sage of the Six Paths
Episode 420
The Eight Inner Gates Formation
Episode 419
Papa's Youth
Episode 418
The Blue Beast vs. Six Paths Madara
Episode 417
You'll Be My Backup

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